Segway Tours

When it comes to having your own personal adventure in Foxburg, there is no better way than being on a Segway.  This exhilarating, yet quiet ride moves you along at your own pace to help you experience the history, the architecture and the natural beauty that is Foxburg.  Our tours offer many opportunities to see hundreds of acres of the historic Fox Estate, now known as the RiverStone Estate, with dozens of architectural marvels, postcard-like countryside, enchanting woodlands, beautiful formal gardens, all nestled in between the Allegheny and Clarion Rivers.

We now offer different Segway tours that bring adventure to you in three ways.  You can choose an easy ride along the Allegheny River with the Scenic Rivers Tour that provides many views of historical relics and bountiful nature.  Or you may choose our most popular tour, the Estate Tour, designed for those who like history and architecture and enjoying a Segway ride in a country setting.  And for those who want a little of everything, including the thrill of riding a Segway through some challenging terrain, you may want to go with the Hybrid Tour that combines the best of the Scenic Rivers and Estate tours.

*Please see our tour times and tour requirements before scheduling a tour.

If someone in your party does not meet tour requirements, we do have a four-person golf cart available –  $30/person.

Scenic Rivers Tour   1-1.5 hours    riding level – easy   $45/person + tax

If your group just wants a nice easy ride on flat terrain while providing scenic views of our river valleys in addition to some Foxburg history, then the Scenic Rivers Tour is your choice.   This tour takes you along the old Pennsylvania Railroad line that has now been converted into the Foxburg Bike Trail.  See remnants of the railroad industry as well as artifacts from the oil era of the 1800’s.  See some of the best nature to be found in the area with a unique ecosystem provided by the confluence of two major rivers and several islands that provide habitats to eagles, herons, turtles, large fish, and otters to name a few.  A good tour for beginners.

Estate Tour   2-2.5 hours   riding level – moderate   $55/person + tax

Need a bit longer ride with a plethora of history, then the Estate Tour is for you.  This tour gives you an in-depth view of the original Fox Estate, built by the Fox family of Philadelphia during the early 1800’s.  The ride is considered moderately challenging in that there are a few hills and requires a little more endurance standing on a Segway.  If you are a beginner that chooses this tour you should be in good physical condition.

Hybrid Tour   1.5-2 hours   riding level – challenging   $50/person + tax

The Hybrid Tour is a favorite for those who want more adventure to their ride.  We call it this because it gives you the best of Estate and Scenic Rivers tours taking you through the RiverStone compound and then travelling  down to the Allegheny and Clarion rivers.  Experience is not required with the Hybrid Tour but is advises as it allows one to be more comfortable during the ride.  You should be in good physical condition as this is a moderately challenging tour with a quicker pace and bigger hills.

Woodland Tour  1.5-2 hours riding level – challenging  $50/person + tax

The Woodland Tour is our fastest, most challenging tour.  This all about riding quickly through some of the more breath taking parts along the estate woods and riverfront paths.  Experience is mandatory and you must be in excellent physical condition as this is our most challenging tour with a fast pace, rugged terrain and steep hills.

*Please see our tour times and tour requirements before scheduling a tour.