Tour Requirements

Here at Foxburg Tours, we take pride in keeping our riders safe while having a good time.  To guarantee a safe tour to all our participants, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • Our insurance policy requires each participant to be at least 14 years of age.   Foxburg Tours does reserve the right to deny or terminate a tour if the young participant is travelling in an unsafe fashion.
  • There is no age limit for our senior citizens but the general rule of thumb for whether someone would feel comfortable and safe on a Segway is if you can climb a set a stairs without the use of a handrail.  If so,  then they should be able to navigate a Segway properly.  Another test would be to bend at the knees and then stand upright without assistance and losing your balance.
  • All participants must wear proper shoes that offer proper foot support – sorry, no sandals!
  • All riders are required to wear provided helmets for their own safety.
  • All participants should be at least 100 pounds and not exceed 250 pounds.  Exceeding these limits inhibits the movement of the Segway, especially going up and down hills, which could result in getting hurt.  It is not so much how athletic the rider is but how the Segway handles the riders upper center of gravity.  This, in turn, can affect the movement of the participant causing them to fall off the Segway.
  • Expectant mothers should refrain from riding a Segway.
  • Anyone who has had any medical surgery in the past 6 months should consult with their doctor before choosing to take one of our Segway tours.
  • It is also recommended that:

-Anyone who has had foot, knee, hip, back, neck, &/or arm surgery in the past year should be pain free and have full range of motion.

-Anyone who is on any medication that prevents them from having good   balance, as well as good judgment should not be on a Segway.

-Anyone who suffers from heart and/or neurological issues should consult with a doctor before considering a tour on a Segway.

-Anyone who suffers from any other balance issues should not be on a Segway.

-Anyone with moderate to severe visual and/or hearing impairment should not ride a Segway.

        *Please consult with your doctor if you have any medical issues before hand.  If you have any further questions, please call us and we can provide more info and make appropriate recommendations.

        **Foxburg Tours does reserve the right to deny service to anyone who is deemed not healthy enough to be on a Segway.


        We do have a 4-person golf cart that accompanies the tour for those unable to be on a Segway.